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Yeah, I gave up on jekyll. I went back to RapidWeaver. RapidWeaver’s GUI interface makes it so much easier to create a website as opposed to text-based/command-line jekyll. I did like jekyll though. At least, moving forward, the content of my site will now be 100% powered by SDF! Good-bye WordPress!


Guest star — smj!!

smj, SDF‘s Big Boss is in town!! While livestreaming my anonradio show yesterday, he messaged me on chat (we call in the SDF community as ‘com’, short for COMMODE) saying he is in town (Toronto) and invited me to meet up (or maybe I was the one who invited him… I can’t really recall), and suggested that we record an interview show which we did. His visit was totally unexpected and so for about an hour I had to get myself and my place ready (because my place was a mess!). My “studio” is at my place and so we had to do the interview there… well, I could also simply record our conversation somewhere else but I thought it would be awesome if we did the whole thing in one shot so I did not have to do editing after… and that was exactly what we did. I really considered it to be an honour to be visited by and to hang out with the ever-popular SDF admin guy AND also indie band Red Martian frontman smj!
Before the interview, we decided to grab something to eat first because we were both hungry… we ended up in an “Irish” pub and had fish & chips and some drinks. Then we headed back to my “studio” then started recording the show. I personally think the interview went well thanks to smj who had been an awesome interviewee. If you would like to listen to the interview from the Anonradio archives, here is the link to the audio file:

This was the announcement that went out to the Anonradio mailing list and to the SDF Gnu Social site:

“Guess who visited snowdusk’s “studio” last night!!! Mr @smj !!! The !sdf Boss himself!! Wow!! I could not believe it! It was a surprise visit but that was one awesome surprise! :D THANK YOU @smj !… while I had @smj with me, I took the opportunity to record an interview with him while playing favourite Jpop & Jrock tracks here and there! We talked about many things — @smj ‘s impression of Toronto, DJing on !anonradio , !anonradio DJs, the origin of SDF’s Commode program (a.k.a. ‘com’) and ‘profiles’ (SDF’s text-only based “social networking” program), of Toronto, DJing on !anonradio , !anonradio DJs, the origin of SDF’s Commode program (a.k.a. ‘com’) and ‘profiles’ (SDF’s text-only based “social networking” program), even more stuff about !sdf , multiculturalism, sakura (cherry blossoms), instant messaging with former Japanese Anonradio DJ Panchi from “Panchi to Ronge” show, Seattle’s Japan Town, and much more! Please tune in to the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix on !anonradio tonight, Monday, May 23rd, 23:00 to 24:00 UTC! :D >>”


Desktop Obsession

OK, I have been very obsessed recently with pretty desktops… so I took screenshots of my MacBook Pro and Lenovo laptop.

This is my XQuartz on Mac OS X desktop:


and this is my FreeBSD desktop running fvwm2 as windows manager:


Aren’t they cool? :)


The Culprits

So these are the friggin’ culprits who have been slowing down my internet connection:


screenshot of attacks during my anonradio show

so… IPs to remember:

… so apparently the culprits were using connections from China and Australia?? Most likely both from China?? I’m not suprised at all.

** UPDATE **

I Googled and this is what I got:

… then

… oh and then I checked my system.log and voila:


… the culprit had been trying to gain root access on my computer, unsuccessfully though… hmmm….

… and now, this explains the slow internet connection I was having earlier during my livestream to my anonradio show:

screenshot of attacks during my anonradio show

… oh and I found more culprit IPs by the way who were trying to break into my computer since Sunday:

… we got ourselves some desperate hackers… apparently not very skilled ones… sanctioned by the
Chinese or North Korean governments most likely…


… Always remember these kids:

  • Disable ssh port forwarding on your router
  • Turn off computer when not in use
  • Make your password extremely difficult to guess
  • Check netstat and system.log regularly or when computer/internet connection are acting weird
  • Make sure your computer has firewall enabled
  • Use some kind of antivirus software or if you don’t like antivirus softwares like me, make sure your system is always up-to-date
  • Make your username and password on your modem/router extremely difficult to guess

jekyll Pointers for Me

I have to follow this workflow when posting on this blog using jekyll:

  • Open my pre-made template for posting with YAML headers already typed in. Open it with vi.
  • Save file as new post text file (:w [filename]), as .html file
  • Type in date and time in UTC, and title of post.
  • Type in post of the day. Use HTML codes.
  • If including an image, refer to “If including an image”
  • Save and exit (ZZ)
  • Go to my jekyll parent folder
  • Execute jekyll. Files get converted into proper website files in my _sites folder
  • Execute rsync script I made. This will sync files in the _sites to my www folder
  • Set files permissions (on SDF, mkhomepg -p)

If including an image:

  • Ensure image file is in the assets folder
  • Remove exif info in the image file. Use exiftool [filename] -strip
  • Include image in the post file using HTML & jekyll code: e.g. &ltimg src=”{{ site.url }}/assets/imagefilename.jpg”&gt

My Plants Will Not Die

Yeah you heard me! My plants will not die! He he. This is the poinsettia my brother won from a raffle at his work back in December. I have been looking after it, watering it everyday, since we got it. Everyone has been telling me that it’s long dead and that I should give up… but no, it is not dead! It looks dead if you look from afar but if you look closely, it is very much alive :) Poinsettias are seasonal plants and so they will bloom again in the winter! I will not give up on these plants! :)




Getting Ready For My Show

Analyzing tracks I downloaded from Soundcloud for mixing later on my show..

I unfortunately had to record my show tonight because I am going to a double birthday celebration dinner. I hate livestreaming recorded shows and I am sure my avid listeners already know that :P

Hope you can tune in tomorrow for my live Sunday edition!